Silk and wool scarf / Madalena Pequito £85.00 GBP

Silk and wool scarf / Madalena Pequito

Silk and wool scarf / Madalena Pequito £85.00 GBP

The Madalena Pequito scarf is framed with a soft frayed edge to create a more delicate finish. This limited edition print was painted live by Lisbon artist Madalena Pequito, during our AW17 fashion show.
  • 50% Wool 50% Silk woven together for a softer touch.
  • 200 x 100cm
  • Made in England

Madalena Pequito is a young up-and-coming artist in Lisbon. Creativity has always played a very important role in her life. She has a great passion for art, with her preferred medium of plastic. She is also a talented writer and participates in various literary contests for poetry. In 2014, Madalena started studying Painting in Fine Arts College of Lisbon. She believes that it is important to mix different areas and artistic medias, influencing her work with glass. Currently she is living in Budapest, doing a residency at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts.

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